My In-Store Pick-Up

My In-Store Pick-Up


It's great that you have arrived in this page! Most likely it means that your online order is ready for PICK UP in one of our stores.

Note: Due to the nature of our pick-up store, we recommend to wait 24-48 hours after the ship date before visiting the store for pickup of your uniform order.


All orders that are ready for pickup will state a line that looks like this BIN 4G STORE 4

The first half is a reference to which Bin in the Store it is located in.

The second half dictates which Store Location it is in.


Store #'s

Store 1 - 1267 NE 163rd Street

Store 2  - 2067 SW 8th Street

Store 3 - 4359 West 16th Avenu

Store 4 - 11530 SW 120th Street

Store 5 - 10564 SW 8th Street

Store 7 - 30340 Old Dixies Highway

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